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How to Use Microsoft’s Precision Questioning and Answering Approach To Grow Your Business

One of the most underrated yet important traits of successful entrepreneurs is the ability to ask and answer pertinent questions.  It might not seem all that important but it is an important skill if you want to succeed in business. The ability to be precise in the questions you ask about your products, your services, your customers and your employees can be critical to success.  This is not something that typically comes naturally to everyone but it is a skill that you can hone with training and practice.

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Top Tips for Building a Highly Productive Leadership Team


Frustrated, upset, and disappointed don’t event start to explain how you feel right now. It has been six months and very little of what you hoped your leadership team would accomplish is done. You’re not as far along as you wanted to be with regard to revenue forecasts and it seems as though everyone spends more time fighting fires than making progress on strategic initiatives. You have some great individuals who have the right skills, so what is going on?

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