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Battle Tested Leadership

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About The Book

Are you struggling to take the lead in work and life? Unlock the great leader you were always meant to be. Battle Tested Leadership offers tools, techniques, and best practices for leaders to lead at an elite level.

Do you have trouble getting others to follow your vision? Has your voice been lost in the crowd? Learn how to stand out and become the extraordinary leader that everyone will want to follow. Let business strategist and leadership expert Andreas Jones show you how.

When you constantly develop your leadership skills, your ability to lead grows by leaps and bounds. By applying the same leadership training the U.S. Military uses every day, you’ll achieve high influence, performance, and stellar results. Battle Tested Leadership shows you the strategies to turn your development as a leader into a habit that will change your life as you increase your profits, performance, and productivity.

In This book, You’ll Uncover:

The essential first step to becoming a great leader that most people miss

How to use values-based motivation to excel and leave your legacy

How to test yourself to develop grit, courage, and resilience

How to develop a team of essential coaches, coworkers, and managers

Learn how you can achieve first-class results by creating highly effective teams.

A life-changing tool for every leader who is ready to take their leadership to the next level.

All you need to know about first-class leaders.

Inspiration and straightforward guidelines from a number of first-class leaders.

Top insights from excellent leaders who are the shining proof that you can become a great leader, in spite of your background.

How to lead at your dream level and achieve the highest possible success by implementing the fundamental principles of Battle Tested Leadership.

How to trust and believe in yourself.

The secrets of attracting, selecting, and motivating ordinary team members to achieve extraordinary results.

How to achieve leadership mastery, and much, much more!

Battle Tested Leadership is the manual you’ve always needed to become a successful leader. If you want advice that’s succinct, useful, and proven to work, then you’ll love Andreas Jones’ latest powerhouse of a book.

About The Author

Andreas Jones

Andreas is the leading authority on leadership and business growth, award winning Bestselling Author, Leadership and Business Strategist, Consultant, Advisor and Coach. Columnist at Forbes, The Huffington Post, CEOWORLD Magazine. Influencive.com, LifeHack.org and BizCatalyst360.

Andreas works with business owners and leaders to help them implement profitable systems and processes to grow their business without stress, overwhelm and burnout.

With over 12 years of experience in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Planning, Operations, and Decision Analysis, Andreas has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand businesses and craft the most suitable solutions.

“Andreas comes up with strategies that are actually implementable. That is his strength compared to others in the industry.”

Before founding Battle Tested Leadership in 2012, Andreas served in the US Army. Andreas has held various leadership positions in Fortune 50, 100 and 500 companies, most recently as Vice President SunTrust Bank, focusing on new business development, strategy, Strategic Sourcing and Global Procurement. He is recognized by Forbes Magazine as top business and leadership expert coach and consultant and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

Service in the US Army forged Andreas’s character. It tested him, tested his endurance, faith, and internal fortitude. He describes it as “a trial by fire” and remains profoundly grateful for it.

Andreas has taken his hard-won Army lessons into the world of business, continuing to learn new skills and insight. In his consulting coaching and speaking, he spotlights the core concepts of leadership, integrity, and discipline. He helps client to use these traits to execute their ideas and goals with precision. Andreas inspires his clients to live lives of significance and build legacies of influence.

Continuing the rich tradition of positive male encouragement, one of Andreas’s greatest joys in life is mentoring with Big Brother Big Sisters and Urban League of Metro Atlanta. Others describe Andreas as a man of great heart, with unexpected insight and clear action plans.

Andreas is available for consulting, coaching, speaking, training and facilitating engagements.

Bestseller Lists

Top customer reviews

Lots of valuable info in this book..

In Battle Tested Leadership by Jones Andreas you will learn how to run a successful business and how to have a successful life in general. There is some excellent information in this book that has helped me to understand what I once found mysterious about business and success in general. Andreas uses real world examples in his book, often comparing current practices and problems to ones that happened throughout history.

There is a section about the different types of leaders that exist and I found it both intriguing and close to home. I’ve had many bosses who had the exact traits that he describes and I couldn’t help but chuckle about it. Spot on analysis…

I loved the section about what it takes to become a leader – there’s a lot of gold in there, just like the rest of the book. Best of all, this book is easy to follow and it just makes sense. You will not get confused from reading this, you will feel enlightened and leave with much more confidence than you had before. So if you are serious about becoming successful in both life and running your own business pick up this book – you will not regret it!

Chris M

A must read for Leaders at all levels.

Great book. I recommend this book for everyone. The principles in this book are simple, practical and highly effective. The difficulty that we all face is implementing. The keys to success are all contained here. I always say that a great book should inspire and change the way that you think. Well, here you have it. A book that both inspires and changes thinking. You will not be disappointed reading this one! Do yourself a favor and get this book!

Da King


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